Lindy Hop & Charleston classes

We bring Lindy Hop to You!

We began this project when we realiced that there were not schools teaching this happy dance in this city. Our mission is to find the way to help people trying and learning this dance.

We want to aproach to new people because we try to create new dancers. We also help those dancers who already tried it to improve their technique and learn some new steps.

How do we do...
We try to find places where people can meet and teach them. We offer regular classes and workshops.

Why did we choose to aproach Lindy Hop and Charleston here? Because we think are two of the happiest dances ever :) 

Then, if you are interested about learning or supporting us, or even if you know someone who could be interested, come to the classes, order a workshop or become an


LindySmile was DJing at History of a lost Love dance Festival

Maybe you are a tango dancer... or maybe you don't dance anything yet... It doesn't matter, all of us love to meet people and have fun. Come with us and have a nice time dancing at the rhythm of this magnific music. See you soon!

Help us to bring the Lindy Hop to the World


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