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Did you take lessons with Raúl? Maybe you are here ;)

2014.09.15 Workshop in France
2015.04.08 Tester LindySmile
2015.09.21 LindySmile Timisoara
2015.10.11 Iasi
2015.08.30 InSpayer
Workshops in Bucharest
2015.10.09 Iasi A
Iasi Workshop
2014.4 Berlin Exchange
Buenos Aires con los Biggeri
2015.07 Herrang

We want that our students learn as much as possible, but we try to do it always with a nice atmosphere, trying to make you understand, feel, relax... We are so lucky to be able to teach this wonderful dance, so, we do our best! Come with us and you will see what a wonderful energy you will bring after with you :)

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