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Raúl is an internationally known tango & lindy hop teacher, performer & Dj that is traveling around the world dancing and sharing his knowledge for more than 18 years.

He has the advantage that was living in many different countries (ARG, FRA, DEU, CHE, ITA, ROU, RUS, ESP...) and in those places, he improved his dance, met other ones, got his own style and decided to become professional on this field.


He trusts his knowledge, loves the energy the dance gives to people and try to share all this with his students.


If you have the opportunity of meeting him, in a show or taking classes with him, you will feel his unique energy ;)


His love of dancing, socialising and having fun approached him like a magnet to Lindy Hop. Even if it was not the right moment to get deep into it, he knew this dance was for him.

As DJ he began playing so many Swing cortinas, and then, he couldn't resist to begin studying it seriously.

After a few months of lessons in Berlin, he jumped to La Meca of the Swing, Herrang (two summers in a row). He keep taking lessons with different teachers, and progresing in order to create more Lindyhoppers and Tangohoppers around the world. 

He keeps thinking that... 

            Tango + Lindy hop = Perfect combination

Raúl dances an elegant and musical close-embrace milonguero-salón style of Tango Argentino. His dynamic dance, full of nuance and grace, is the result of years of dedication to the technique of tango, a great sensitivity to its music and his creativity in interpretation. His tango is emotional, intense and connected.


His beginnings were with Latin dances, after that, 2 intense years in Buenos Aires where he took lessons with more than 100 teachers (see left list). He is always training and investigating to improve his dancing, DJing & teaching, including study of other specialties such as lindy hop and theater.

This coupled with the experience and prior knowledge in his teaching, has come to create his own teaching method, which is his image and likeness (charged with energy, fun, creativity ...).


He also had the opportunity of teaching with many good dancers, Argentinians, French, Germans, Russians, the European champion Laura Iaru and even the world champion 2014, Jesica Arfenoni, Sofía Saborido, Kseniya Chichaeva, Ilkiz Tüzel, Rui Saito...




Dancing Tango Argentino

Vals Argentino in Vienna

Tango Show in Istambul

Videos 2

Tango Show in Madrid

Ancla 1


Shows and Lessons of Tango Argentino & Lindy Hop

DJ Budapest Small
Studenten Milonga-192-2
Delemont Yo
2015.09.21 Timisoara
Teaching with Dina



Raúl Around the World

Raúl meet the dances in 2004, but is dancing and traveling intensively since early 2006 (+18 years). He has participated in more than 150 Big Events (festivals, marathons, encuentros... and in a third part of those events he was the DJ and/or teacher), been in more than 26 countries, hundred of cities and has taught Tango and Lindy Hop to an uncountable number of people in this time. He loves traveling, teaching and meeting new people.


In 2010 he had the incredible opportunity to start teaching with a Tango World Champion in Spain, and from there, he followed his own route with multiple new partners all over Europe. In 2014 he began teaching also Lindy Hop and traveling with it, so this makes more intense and rich his experience around the world. He is always learning new dances and practicing them, as West Coast Swing, Blues, Balboa...

Apart from so many places in Europe, he was dancing, teaching, performing and DJing in NYCNew JerseyPhiladelphiaTorontoSalvador de Bahia, Buenos Aires, Moscow, Sant Petersburgo, Istanbul...

He spent 15 years traveling around the world and living in many different countries (9 up to now), and this gives him a wide perspective of the dance communities. Cities like Paris, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Syracuse, Madrid, Lyon, Geneva, Basel, Moscow, Bucharest, Düsseldorf, Barcelona...


Zoom in to see some of the places where Raúl was dancing, Teaching and DJing

I teach because it makes people happy... I dance because it makes me feel alive

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