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Lessons of Tango Argentino & Lindy Hop

Video Moldova


Who is Raúl?

CV Tango

Tango Argentino

Raúl has been dancing for more than +15 years (2005). His beginnings were with Latin dances, but discovering the unparalleled level of finesse and depth of Argentine Tango shortly after, he devoted his time and effort almost exclusively to it.


His mastery of tango, his presence and precision have their origin in the two years he lived in Buenos Aires, dedicated exclusively and intensively to the dance, studying with more than 100 internationally renowned maestros.


Since then, he has been constantly training and exploring tango (& other dances) all over the world, with the objective to truly understand its essence and to continuously improve.

Shows and Collaborations


In his shows, which are always improvised, Raúl aims at establishing a deep connection with his partner, and focuses on the clarity and musicality of their movements rather than going for the most theatrical effect.


His philosophy aligns with the famous quote by Saint-Exupery: “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”


He continues to travel extensively, exchanging ideas and experiences with dancers and maestros at marathons, festivals and milongas around the world. He has performed at traditional milongas and at big events, with live orchestras (including in a video-clip), and has been fortunate to work with great partners, including: 


Jessica Arfenoni (AR: World Champion Tango Salón 2014), Laura Iaru (RO: European Champion Tango Salón 2015), Sofia Saborido (AR), Adeline Ireland (DE), Stefanie Clausen (DE), Delphine Blanco (FR), Kseniya Chichaeva (RUS), Ekaterina Koptelova (RUS), Sabina Seiler (CH), Rui Saito (JP), Andreea Trascu (RO), Magdalena María (AT)... & Dina Pop (RO Lindy Hop).

First time Raúl took Swing classes was in Buenos Aires, in 2010, focusing in Lindy Hop. After that, also took some classes in other big cities like Berlin, Madrid, Paris, and like it should be, in Herräng.


Also took part in a Exchange project between some tango and swing teachers from Berlin, where the idea was to teach each other the dance they know.


Thanks to this, his knowledge in tango and other latin dances, Raúl began giving Lindy Hop classes to "tangueros" in different countries, until he began giving workshops and regular classes in Bucharest.


And this is how was born!!!


A new project focussed on bringing Swing to Romania and Moldova.

For first time, one teacher giving regular Lindy Hop classes (and some workshops) in Bucharest.


Now a days, bringing Lindy Hop to many other cities and in several Tango events.

Swing Dances

CV Swing
Videos Lessons

If you don't know which one are the Swing Dances, or what are Lindy Hop, Charleson, Blues... 


Discover it at and find it out ;)


Are you in the pictures?

Milonga Class

Lindy hop & Tango in Moldova (local TV)

Ganchos Lesson in Bucharest

Tango Lesson in Berlin


Are you in the pictures?

Pics Lessons
Positive energy
Moldova TV Group
Moldova TV
Moldova Lindyhop
Moldova Explanation


Raúl is a knowledgeable, dedicated and creative teacher of Argentine tango. No matter which level his students start from, Raúl helps them in each lesson to make a major leap forward in understanding the dance and translating this understanding into natural and elegant movements.




Having studied with a great variety of maestros, Raúl has developed his very personal way of teaching, based on an extensive knowledge of different styles, methods and even errors. In an analytical and sensitive manner, he helps students grasp how the body works, how to feel and connect with the partner and how to turn practice into an effortless and clear dance. In his classes, he provides precise examples, different points of view and uses imaginative exercises to develop his students’ dance.


His warm personality, his approachability and his positive energy help students master the challenges of tango and enjoy themselves, the connection with their partner, the music and the social dancing at the milonga.

Laura & Raul Group
Jesi & Raul Tango Group
Moldova Lindy Group
2015.09.21 LindySmile Timisoara
Moldova Students
2015.04.08 Tester LindySmile
2014.09.15 Workshop in France
2015.10.11 Iasi
2015.10.09 Iasi A
New York City
2015.08.30 InSpayer
2015.07 Herrang
2014.4 Berlin Exchange
Tango Chisinau
Salone Margherita
Ancla 1

Group and private classes


Raúl has taught beginners and advanced dancers, children starting at age 10, pre-college and college students, dancers of classical ballet, salsa, contemporary and standard dances, teachers and university professors of sciences, theater actors and seniors...


In his group classes, students will explore a certain topic in a fun, relaxed environment, expand their repertoire and refine their technique. While Raúl makes sure to dedicate his attention to each student of the class, individual classes are better suited to “fix” specific issues a student might have encountered in his dance. In his private classes, you will work more, sweat more and experience a more rapid progress than you might imagine possible.


Raúl teaches in Spanish, English, Italian and French and even students who might not understand all the words, will always understand his vivid and precise explanations. Teaching and sharing his ample knowledge of tango is his great passion which shows in each class and with each student. He has taught in dozens of cities across Europe, the US and Russia.


While continuing to travel to lots of new places, he is many times invited to return to where he taught previously – a great proof of student satisfaction.

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