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Raúl is a social dancer that makes some performances and teaches.
Unfortunately, he couldn't work with a fix partner for a while, so that's the reason he has no better performances. As he is always moving, he doesn't prioritise on working for and preparing good performances. Anyway, he thinks that the most important part of Tango is the inside (the feeling that the partner get's), not the outside (what people see).


Some  Tango Performances


Tango Argentino in Istanbul

Tango Show in Moscow

Milonga Show in Berlin

Milonga Show in Istanbul

Videos 2

Tango Show in Madrid

Tango Show with Rebeca

Videos 3

Tango Lesson in Berlin

Vídeos 4

Tango Argentino at Noa-Tango Istanbul

Lindy Hop

Some old videos of Lindy. We should update them!

Lindy 1

Swing Weekend in Cluj

Lindy hop class & party in Bucharest

Lindy hop class in Bucharest

Lindy 2

Dancing in a Masquerade Ball

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