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DJ Flyers

Here you are some of the most beautiful and nice design Raúl was on at DJ events

Flyer Timisoara
Flyer Festival Bucharest
Flyer Cluj
Flyer 6DJs
Flyer La Musica
Flyer Tabiet
Flyer SkyTower
Flyer Mil Tab
Flyer Mil Berlin
Flyer Swing
Flyer 2 DJ's Set
Flyer Moldova
Flyer Milonga 7
Flyer La Música
Flyer Mil 7 Oclock
DJ Raúl
Flyer Marathon St Petersburg
Flyer DanubeTangoMarathon


DJ in Anivertango

DJ Navalpotro



Inspired by his love for the dance and the music, Raúl has been regularly djing at tango events since 2008. He plays danceable, traditional tangos, his main goal being the enjoyment of the dancers. His selection of music shows his musicality, his experience and detailed knowledge of his collection.



Raúl is strongly attached to the traditional tango music and plays pieces of the época de oro with some excursions to the finest pieces of the 30s and 50s. He makes sure to adapt his choice of tandas not only to the location as well as the type and duration of the event but also to the level of the dancers, the atmosphere and energy on the dance floor.



His job is to connect people & make them enjoy creating a nice atmosphere for dancing...

Budapest Marathon
Mask Milonga
Carnaval in Basel
Vienna is Calling me
St Petersburg
Bucharest T Marathon

Throughout his career, Raúl has had the fortune to meet dozens of fantastic DJs in coutless festivals, marathons and milongas. His musical taste has been enriched by their variety and the intensive exchange with them, allowing him to create a very personal way of playing music.


While he loves the classics that are frequently played at milongas around the globe, he especially enjoys unearthing the forgotten but very danceable gems and versions rarely heard elsewhere. References


Among milongas, festivals and marathons, he has played in many different cities like...


Buenos Aires, Paris, Berlin, New York, Philadelphia, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rome, Madrid, Zurich, Dublin, Bucharest, Basel, Siracuse, Catania, Malmö, Stockholm, Arezzo, Ibiza, Stuttgart, Perugia, Cluj-Napoca, Bevons, Budapest and many other more...


Some of the International FestivalsMarathons and Encuentros where Raúl DJed at:


Mantova 2010 (IT),  
La Divina Marathon (SE),  
Arezzo Marathon (IT),  
Dublin Marathon (IE x2),  
Danube Tango Meeting (HU),  
Choco Tango Festival  (IT),  
Ibiza Tango Love (ES x2),  
Danubiando Budapest (HU),  
Oktober Fiesta Marathon Berlin (GE x2), 
Tango Experience Berlin Marathon (GE),
Milonga Des 4 Saisons (FR),  
Embrace Berlin Festival (GE),  
Malmö Tango Marathon (SE),  
New Year's Berlin (GE),
TangoCazino Festival (RO),  
St. Petersburg Marathon (RU),
Danube Tango Marathon (HU),
Bucharest Tango Marathon (RO), 
Vienna Calling Tango Marathon (AT x3),
Maracuentro Swiss International Tango Meeting Basel (CH x),
History of a lost Love DANCE FESTIVAL (Tango & Lindy x2) (RO),
Lindy Hop+Tango=Real Spring Chisinau (MO),
Bucharest White Tango Nights (RO), 
Maracuentro 2016 - Münster edition (DE x), 
Summer in the CityTango Marathon Budapest (HU),
ANIVERTANGO 6 ~Tango Marathon Timisoara (RO), 
MADt -Moldavian Autumn Dances Tango Marathon (MO), 
Tango marathon Tangoholics - Heidelberg (DE), 
Freiburg Tango Marathon (DE)
Heidelberg Tango Marathon - Tangoholics (DE)
The Big POP Manchester Tango Marathon (GB)
Abrázame Encuentro Milonguero Barcelona (ES)
Canary Islands Tango Festival 2019 (ES)
GRAZy Tango Festival (AT)

El Fuego Tango Marathon Warsaw (PL)


Some events have ( xNº ) because they invited me several (X) times  :)

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Private Parties DJ

Not just Tango and Swing Dance events...


Since 2015 Raúl is ready for... almost anything ;)  Now he DJs also at Private Parties like birthdays, business dinners, meetings, weddings, theme nights...

His love for the music and making people enjoy like crazy offered him the opportunity of extending his field as DJ. Participate at hundred of international events let him feel easily the energy of the room, connect with the crow and adapt to each situation.

He likes to be there, active, receptive, listening people's need and be dinamic. He enjoys playing very variated music and surprise people.